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Sacco CrystalmonioCategory
Water soluble fertilizers

Water soluble ammonium sulphate for fertirrigation.
A high purity, completely soluble product. Provides readily available nitrogen nutrition for all plants, from the start and through the growth cycle ensuring rapid growth.

Technical note

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Sacco CRYSTAL-NKCategory
Water soluble fertilizers

CRYSTAL-NK®: the crystal form can be easily dissolved
and it perfectly adapts to the everyday use of fertigation
systems and to foliar application as well. It is compatible with
other watersoluble fertilizers and with most pesticides, even
though it is recommended to use it separately when it comes
to high concentrations.




Water soluble fertilizers

CRYSTAL-NITRO® is a high solubility salt,
free from residues and impurities; it achieves the maximum
rate of Calcium and Nitrogen absorption, because these
elements carry a synergic action.
The high Nitrogen availability gives the culture a rapid and
useful development, whereas Calcium in the soil unites the
binding and colloidal function to the ability of rendering
stable the structure of clayey grounds.



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