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Our products are the result of carefully developed production processes, improved over the years by Delta, which are based essentially on traditional and natural well-tried techniques used in farming activities for centuries. In other words, Delta has applied methods of control and industrial production to traditional concepts and techniques. For example, the famous Delta manures are produced from selected dung according to the traditional method, which includes turning and continuous oxygenation (exactly the same traditional process used by farmers in their dung pits), in order to favour aerobic humification with the production of selected bacteria beneficial to crops. To guarantee the high standards of quality and innovation of our products, we accept no compromises in terms of cost reduction: we use neither fast production processes, nor processes of desiccation, warming and dehydration which may result in the reduction of the biological properties of our products.
DELTA srl is also available to cooperate for the development of fertilizers tailored to our customers’ specific needs, provided deadlines and minimum quantities for production are agreed upon.

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