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For over thirty years DELTA srl has had a unique position in the sector of fertilizers for agriculture in Italy and abroad. Since its first years of activity, Delta has developed a wide range of products both for traditional and organic farming. At first with powder and pellet organic fertilizers, later on with pelletized organo-mineral fertilizers, and then with mineral, granular and liquid organo-mineral fertilizers, Delta offers a wide range of products which, in terms of quality and quantity, are suitable for all the different nutritional needs in agriculture, as they can be distributed with all the fertilizer spreaders currently available on the market. The flexibility of its products, which are the result of advanced technological research, makes it possible for Delta to serve its customers promptly and develop the most modern and comprehensive solutions to fulfil the needs of farmers in Italy and in Europe with the utmost respect for the environment.

DELTA srl aims at continuing to meet the demands and trends of the market by conducting research and offering specialized fertilizers for the fulfilment of specific needs and niche requirements.



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